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The RockBack Pole Vault Pole bag design was brought about by Bernie Miller who is an avid master’s vaulter and enthusiast for many years. “I have seen the sport change dramatically over the years with the new high tech pole compositions which have excited young athletes and brought extreme popularity to the sport, but not without a higher price tag” says Miller. “It just occurred to me that if you’re carrying around $5000.00 worth of poles, you might want to protect them against each other as well as the outside elements”.

If you are using a custom RockBack pole bag, your poles will last longer by withstanding scratches, abrasions and defacing which can lead to sudden breakage when vaulting. Nobody wants to be on a pole when it breaks. These bags are easy to carry with rubber molded handles on the ends and in the middle. The aerodynamic shape makes it easy to strap to your car. It has been well noted by the Airlines that the new RockBack pole bag's sleek design is treated like luggage instead of a bulky ugly round tube that’s hard to carry and tough to move.


The Rockback Story

My name is Bernie Miller and this is my story. 

A year and a half ago I was coaching at La Jolla High School. I had a promising athlete,
Jeff Coover, that was vaulting well enough to go to the California State Track and Field Championships. We had no way of transporting his poles to the meet which was held in Sacramento. We could have ordered the canvas bag that they currently sell, oh that’s right we had one but it was in such terrible shape, we were reluctant to buy another.  

I knew a friend that was in the Manufacturing business and had a sturdy material that would protect the poles. With the existing pole bags, all poles would be shoved into the same compartment and would rattle around with each other scratching and marking which weakens the poles.I thought that each pole should have a single sleeve so that they would be protected from not only the outer elements, but from each other as well. The first rock back pole bag was designed. 

We have patented the design of the Rock Back pole case and we have trademarked the Rock Back Logo. If you look at the logo closely, you can visualize the rock back step in the pole vault. The Insignia looks like it’s rocking back. When you don’t get inverted enough on your jump, the first thing your coach tells you is that you didn’t rock back enough. 

I am an avid pole vaulter. It has been a passion of mine since junior high and high school going way back to 1974. I only recently picked up the sport again but I can tell you this, I hope to see all of you out at the track, wether it’s a high school or collegiate meet or a Masters or a National meet. It is one of the greatest achievements to be able to clear a cross bar at any height.


So I wish you the best of luck and keep on Rocking Back. 

-Bernie Miller

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