This is the story of how a RockBack Pole Bag flew from the top of a car...

Bob Meeker, a Pole Vault coach for a high school in Colorado is traveling back from a meet in Arcadia, CA. Running late to the airport, they are driving down the 605 in Los Angeles when the RockBack pole bag flies off the top of the car and is run over by a semi-truck and another car. Nobody was injured. Bob picked the pole bag back up and made it to the airport on time. After flying back to Colorado, Bob and his crew decided to open the RockBack Pole Bag in the airport parking lot to see the damage to the poles. To everyone's amazement no poles were broken with only one pole creased at the very tip.

Thanks Bob for your story. Don't feel bad, others have done the same thing. Here at RockBack, we try to build the very best Pole Bag one at a time to keep your poles as safe as possible.

Thank you.
Bernie Miller
Founder, RockBack

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